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Standard Video Production.

The standard video production services for all businesses include:

1) Filming at your business premises at a suitable time.
2) Script writing to match the video.
3) Professional voiceover artist recording of your script.
4) Video editing based on footage taken.
5) Interview with the business owner (optional).
6) Interview and testimonals from your customers, if available on filming date.
7) Final production of the video of 2-3 minutes.

After the filming is completed, your video will be professionally edited and available for approval within a few days. We will provide you with the embed code for the video to play on your own website too.

Premium Video Production.

Video customers can be charged for a premium video service by the partner, agreed during the sales process. This service includes:

~ Graphics integrated into video production.
~ Extended time for on-site filming.
~ Multiple locations requiring filming.
~ Blue screen presenters integrated into video.
~ Extended voiceover recordings.
~ Multiple voiceover artists being used for recording scripts.
~ Video Animation. can assist in the delivery of a premium video service for customers who require this service.

We are currently working with videographers in the UK who are locally based in your area to film your business. We also work with a number of professional voiceover artists in the UK to record an agreed script for the video.

Once approved, the video promotion will begin to get as many eye balls watching it as possible. If you already have a video and want us to promote it, please get in touch.

Filming Equipment.

All videographers use equipment of a suitably high standard, and always film in high definition.
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